Doily – Cyanotypes

October 19, 2016 Blog Posts 1 Comment

Recently I have been experimenting with cyanotypes again.  Using many types of scrap rag paper I wove multiple sheets to coat with cyanotype solution.  I was interested to see how the different varieties and grades of paper woven into the finished sheets would interact with the cyanotype solution and effect the resulting exposure.  After coating the sheets twice with cyanotype solution and allowing to dry in a dark room, I was ready to expose them to UV light – sunlight. The day I chose to execute the exposure was very overcast so I decided on a long exposure time of 45 minutes.

This image shows the cyanotype solution coated paper with a doily sitting on top when first placed outside for UV exposure.


While the UV light exposure is developing the coated paper turns from its shades of blue to a bronze-golden color.






Taking a quick look at the exposure under the doily.


After finished exposing the prints they need washed for approx. 5 mins to rinse away the inactivated solution.  Due to their size I rinsed the prints with a garden hose and allowed to air dry outside before flattening.