Reused + Recycled at C-LINK Gallery

May 31, 2017 Blog Posts 0 Comments

I can not believe it has been four months since I last posted in my long ignored blog.  I have become active on Instagram – @jonpaulsmithart which has made me less attentive to my website in general.

Recently I finished up an exhibition, Reused + Recycled at C-LINK Gallery located within the Brazzee Street Studios.  It was a group exhibition highlighting artists working with recycled materials.  The gallery described the exhibit: 

“In honor of Earth Month, C-LINK Gallery will exhibit a group show featuring work made with recycled materials. Ranging in medium and subject matter this show celebrates the levels of diversity possible when working with reused materials. From woven cereal boxes to corrugated cardboard sculptures, Reused + Recycled is a testament to ‘the found object’ as a jumping off point for art making and creativity.”

Featuring work by:
Anne Straus
Rissa Gooding
Karen McGarry
Andrew Neyer
Mike Conaway
S. Tereck
Kathy Salchow
Paige Wideman
Jonpaul Smith
Joyce Kaufman
Mark Weisner
Cindy Briggs
Sara Pearce
Andrey Kozakov
Davina Clauer

Here are a few images from the exhibition: