New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art – upcoming solo exhibition

January 1, 2017 Blog Posts 0 Comments

I am excited to announce my newest solo exhibition at the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art.  The exhibition will run from July 29th to September 8th 2017.

The mission of the gallery:

“is to provide a not-for-profit (non-commercial) exhibition space for current Midwestern artists and to promote discourse about and access to contemporary art in the southern Indiana region. Since its inception in 1975, New Harmony Gallery has provided an exhibition space for young and mid-career artists to show their work in a professional setting; and further, to provide a venue for contemporary art to the general public. The cornerstone of the Gallery’s mission is education and access through a carefully planned series of seven exhibitions per year. The exhibition series, which explores contemporary art concepts, is intended to provide increased opportunity for artists and the public to engage in discourse on and about the arts and culture.”

I am looking forward to being a part of the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art and will be sending more information as July approaches.