Photos – opening night – Fiber?

January 26, 2016 Blog Posts 0 Comments

I am finally getting around to posting a few images from the opening night of Fiber? at C-LINK gallery at Brazee Street Studios.  Exhibiting artists include: Barbara Stewart, Carla Lamb, Cris Fee, Pam Kravitz, Jacob Lynn, Jennifer Zimmerman Garter, Jonpaul Smith, Judy Dominic, Karen Saunders, Kelli Gleiner, Lindsay Whittle and Sandra Palmer Ciolino.

I apologize that I did not take many pictures of other work in the exhibit but the night passes quickly as you bounce from conversation to conversation.

There was a review of the exhibition posted on Aeqai that is worth a read and contains images of other work in the exhibit.  Enjoy.









*this photo was taken by Daniel Pfahl